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Dear Parents, It seems incredible, but it has been a year since Camp Ajeinu '2017. Two spectacular weeks in Pichidangui, full of adventure, learning, and friendships. As you may have heard, we are working on the preparation of version 2.0, Camp Ajeinu '2018. This will take place from January 7-20, led by Rav Avi Horowitz as Camp Director with an educational vision with an emphasis on experiencing the Torah in nature. They will accompany you Chilean madrichim. Thanks to the feedback that parents and children shared with us through the survey, the Camp '2018 will feature many innovations. It will be an unforgettable summer with days full of activity, adventure, sport, some free time (not much) and an educational program with entertaining challenges to promote growth, independence, leadership and team spirit.


- Camp Ajeinu 2.0 will be a "mobile camp" in which children will have the opportunity to become familiar with the diversity of landscapes and flora that characterize Chile .


- For excursions and adventure sports we will have the services of the company Vial Adventure (www.vialadventure.cl), specialized in trekking, mountaineering, rafting, activities based on ropes and water sports, supporting us with a group of professionals all of them experienced and certified guides, in addition to being physical education teachers in several universities.


- The seal of the 1st week will be nautical sports and will take place in Rapel Lake. The second week will take place in the imposing Lircai National Park, in Talca, in a mountain environment sport and contact with nature .


- As always, we will have tefilá (some days experimenting tefilá at dawn) and two study sessions per day, with programs differentiated by age.

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